Your voice matters

(December 13, 2019)

A brand voice delights customers and builds your brand’s presence in the muddiness that is the online world.

This voice comes from a much deeper place than stringing together clever words and phrases to sell products.

A strong brand voice is a living, breathing manifestation of your brand. This is about focussing on a brand’s subliminal messaging rather than what is overtly said.

To Kill a Mockingbird and Old Man and The Sea are not just entertaining stories. They are powerful because of the subliminal themes which the stories represent. The stories are the tip of the iceberg.

Creating a cohesive brand voice has always been essential. The challenge today, though, is that it's harder than ever to create consistency across the multitudinous platforms and touchpoints on which a brand communicates.

A brand’s Instagram might be playful and a mix of office photos, while the website might be highly professional—almost impersonal.

In other words, companies aren't able to tie all of these digital platforms together into a cohesive brand story. The messaging contradicts. The identity of the brand is obscured.

Today, providing a meaningful customer experience is a decisive advantage. And you can't create a cohesive customer experience when your focussing on individual touchpoints, instead of an overarching narrative that ties each touchpoint together.

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