Wide Open Agriculture (WOA) is Australia’s leading regenerative food company.    

The company was founded in 2015. But recently they have transitioned from start-up to an ASX-listed company with far-reaching impact.

In turn, to refine the communication strategy (from investment pitches to branded content), WOA needed to clarify their identity and story for those they aimed to serve.  

The process involved: researching key stakeholders and customers, as well as a thorough brand audit; creating an origin story; developing key brand pillars; understanding the company’s unique value in the market; and designing a recognisable brand voice.

“Jayden resolved, refined and clarified our brand story—from top to tail. Jayden has incredible listening skills that can hear then resolve complex issues into clear and beautiful copy. Jayden has writing skills that rival the very best—at times spine tingling in their capacity to capture the essence of our for-profit, for-purpose business. He is a pleasure to work with through a deep dedication to his art mixed with a chilled nature.”

Ben Cole
Managing Director of Wide Open Agriculture
  • Brand Message Guide 
  • Brand Voice Guide 
  • Mission statement
  • Website copy
  • Investors (general and impact)
  • Farmers
  • Plainspoken, glass-half full.
  • Food and drink 
  • Agriculture 

Mission statement

To reinvent the way the world grows, thinks about, and buys food to create a better future for people and the planet.

Values examples 

Keep it real
We’re the first ones to admit we’re not perfect. While we always strive for the ideal, we often make mistakes. To keep moving forward, then, we are honest with ourselves and with those around us.  We don’t sugarcoat things (or underplay them either). We don’t complicate or confuse people.  We say things as we see them—within reason. All this means is that we go about things with a sense of humility. There will always be disagreements and hurdles. But we can navigate through them together if we’re willing to be honest with each other and ourselves. 

Be hopeful
WOA was born out of a mission to turn a despairing situation into one of hope and vitality. We wanted to grow a lily in the marsh. One way we’re able to face the world’s biggest challenges without becoming disheartened is by having hope. We choose to see the glass-half-full, knowing there are lessons and opportunities in difficult times, too. That’s not easy to do, of course. But it allows us to walk through tough situations and still focus on the positives.

Personality pillars examples  

The thought leader
We may speak out sometimes, but we are certainly not sensationalist. As leaders of our community, we are always informed, weighing up different sides of the argument. We communicate positions in a way that is thoughtful, provocative and intelligent.

The understated agriculturalist
WOA is passionate, intelligent and professional, but what anchors these characteristics is our down-to-earth demeanor. We don’t get too overzealous, stiff or arrogant. We don’t create click-bait or make noise or get too wound up. We are practical and plain-spoken, remembering our humble roots. In this sense, you could say we are very Australian.

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