Website copy and mapping that champions your story and connects with those you aim to serve.

Connect and build loyalty
Websites are our digital home ground. So I partner with you and your designer to create an on-brand website that:
  • Frames your value to the right people
  • Champions the right hierarchy of storytelling
  • Helps lead people from awareness to loyalty

Splash page

For brands that don’t sell anything online, but still need to champion the right story and messaging.  

Simple offering

For brands with a simple offering, but need a really solid landing page, about page and another page or two.    

    Online store

    For brands that rely on their online store. I help you create an experience and copy that delights your customers and kicks goals. Business ones.  


      To get the best results, I can only work with businesses that:
      • Are clear on where the website fits into the larger marketing strategy 
      • Offer a product that goes above and beyond.
      • Can action the copy I write for you. (I can’t design or edit the website.)


      1. How much is this going to cost?
      Depends, of course. But if you have a clear brief, a splash page is around $600. A small website around $1300. An E-commerce website starts at $2000.  

      2. What’s a clear brief?
      A clear brief outlines your audience, key messaging, your voice (the way you normally sound), your product, your marketing strategy at large. If you’re not clear on this, it often leads to a lot of going back and forth. If you need help clarifying these things, consider my Brand Message and Voice Guide Intensive.  

      3. What’s the process?
      First, you get in touch HERE ︎︎︎ I send you a questionnaire ︎︎︎ We have a 20-minute Zoom chat ︎︎︎ I send you proposal ︎︎︎ You sign ︎︎︎ I write first draft ︎︎︎ Go through edits ︎︎︎ I make edits and send through a wireframe. So about a 2-week turn-around. But it depends on how fast get back to me. E-commerce takes 4 weeks max.
      Brew Copy, a storytelling studio that helps you build your brand—with words. Contact me at Stay in touch on Instagram. Or on Linkedin.