The perils of SEO

(June 28, 2020)

Don’t get me wrong, there are huge benefits to ranking higher on Google.

But, at large, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been a buzz word for far too long.

So before you spend more of your marketing budget on it, answer me this:

If you’re a super niche product and service, do you really want the type of client or customer who is typing a generic word into Google?

Imagine the average person who is typing “Plumber” or “Waterproof watches” into Google. Do you think this person is driven to find a niche service or product who goes above and beyond?

Chances are, probably not. The average person probably wants a good-enough product or service for an affordable price.

After all, I don’t know many people who type into Google, “Expensive copywriter who is a genius as website copy for architects.” Or “Sustainable watch company that is popular in Berlin.”

No. That never happens.

The way YOU probably get customers and clients is through word of mouth.

And the way you get word-of-mouth customers and clients is because you have a brand and reputation among a certain tribe of people who are willing to pay more. 

Your food is for conscious consumers.

Your printing press is for designers.

Your swimwear are for the modern, forward-thinking woman.

Your marketing studio is for businesses who don’t do normal.

Do you think I get any clients or any of my articles read by appearing in the top Google searches? Absolutely not.

That’s a good thing, too. I don’t want the type of hustlers who type in copywriter into Google. After all, the person who does that will probably find his ideal copywriter on Upwork, anyway.

I offer an incredible niche service for a very particular client. You do, too.

So, before you get caught up in the SEO hype, understand who your customers are and who you are. And focus on how you can tell a story—with your brand, with your product and service— that is so incredible that your ideal customer can’t help but tell their friends or colleagues about it.

Then, AND ONLY THEN, maybe see how SEO who can help facilitate the process.


. . .

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