The future of e-commerce brands

(May 19, 2020)

The world of e-commerce is changing.

When the online landscape wasn’t so crowded, you could get away with a lot more.

You didn’t have to spend as much time developing loyalty among customers.

You could act the same way Woolworths or Target do: get as many people in the door (or on your site) as possible, make as many sales as possible, and be done.

But now there’s more competition. You can’t expect to get as many people on your site. You can’t act like a big company.  Getting as many one-time clicks as possible isn’t that effective for a small, niche brand.

You can try. You can put on another sale and make your Buy Now buttons bigger. But you’ll probably find that over time these tactics become less and less effective.

And more than that you will piss off any customers that liked you to begin with.

Instead, why not act like the community corner-store did a hundred years ago?

A store that prioritises repeat customers instead of the number of customers.

A store that creates a community and loyalty.

One that goes the extra mile to connect.

As the world gets crazier and more filled with noise, you might find that the most resilient brands are the ones who have fewer customers.

But the ones they do have are life-long customers. 

Think about that when you’re creating your marketing strategy.

Think about how you can create a customer journey that centres around loyalty, rather than sales.

Virtual elbow bumps, 


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