The Roost at Red Wing is a family-owned, small-batch wine producer in Ontario, Canada.  

The Roost was a hospitality-based business with a well-known cellar door and restaurant. But, like every hospitality business, COVID forced owners Michael and Jessica Maish to pivot online. The challenge was translating the story in-house to the online world, so the brand could digitally connect with those they aimed to serve and, ultimately, sell more wine. I would go on, but Jessica sums everything up pretty well here.

“During Covid, we needed to transition from a hospitality-based business to a more online model. To do that, we wanted to tighten our brand story and shift our positioning to support more online sales. We wanted a copywriter who could help create a cohesive brand story aimed primarily at online dissemination and could increase online sales. Jayden provides an amazing opportunity to thoroughly assess where you’re at then restructure based on client and industry feedback. Jayden helps make sure your message is clear, authentic, consistent, and targeted. As a result of the guide, and his copy across our website and emails, our Christmas sales were 10x higher than last year! It was a great experience.”

Jessica and Michael Maish
Owners and winemakers at The Roost Wines, Canada

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  • Adventurous Canadian wine enthusiasts
  • Friendly, confident

Tag line

A local winery on the fringes dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cold climate wines

Personality Pillars examples 

The down-to-earth winemaker
We may be a bit trendy and lively. But we’re not in-your-face, overly confident, or here to make a statement. We’re humble and salt-of-the-earth types. We get our hands dirty, nurture the local ecosystem, and enjoy nature’s serenity. So while we like to brighten people’s days, we are also here to inform and celebrate the craftsmanship behind every bottle, too.  

The passionate sommelier
We can be playful and edgy. But we can also dress up and be sophisticated (but not stiff-collared). In front of the right audience, we can talk about the technical stuff and recommend wine and food pairings. We engage in the stories behind the product and show people how to best enjoy our wine.
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