Swish Coffee Brewers is a coffee shop in the city of Perth. There’s a lot of people in the city. But there are also a bazillion cafes. That’s why so many close in the first year.

The owner of Swish, on the other hand, had created a point of difference, which is arguably why the cafe is one of the most successful in the city, using over 25kg of coffee a day. As a reference point, you’re doing well if you use over 6kg. While there was a point of difference, the owner needed help clarifying what it was.

As someone who’s worked as a barista for 9 years, I came on board to create the brand story foundations that ultimately unearthed, clarified and built on Swish’s unique message.

This was an exercise in creative positioning, creating brand content pillars, a Brand Voice, as well as researching the brand’s key audience. This not only helped with what to say and how to say it. But also with staff training and building a strong culture grounded in clear values.  I  helped the owner roll that storytelling strategy out over websites, socials, posters, menus, and a Staff Handbook (for new staff to read).
  • Napkin strategy
  • Menu
  • Posters
  • Social captions
  • Brochures
  • City-bound workers looking for consistently good food and coffee (but without the wank). And also a community.
  • Colloquial
  • Bold
  • Food and Drink
  • Hospitality

Brand story

"While running his first cafe, Christain noticed a disconnect.

Partly due to the culture of online reviews and partly due to the sheer number of venues opening up, he saw that cafes in the area (including his own) were getting caught up in the press and hype of what's new and exciting—rather than caring about building a strong community.

That’s how Christian came to selling that first cafe and starting again.

After all, a cafe without a community has no beating heart. That’s what Christian’s Greek and Italian heritage would say, anyway.  

Growing up, he saw food (like his mumma’s famous spanikopita and father’s fine biscotti) as mere catalysts for something far more important: Community.  

So when he did eye off the little vacant space on Saint Georges Terrace, he made the point of doing things better.   

This time,  he’d create a venue that was about damn good coffee and honest food—sure. In fact, he’d even employ his mumma and father as a cook to make authentic Greek and Italian treats.

But more than that, he wanted to build a culture that was more about the interaction than the transaction.

So, after months of sleepless nights, literal sweat and tears, he started Swish, a hub where you can be part of something more. A place where you can drop the shoulders, see a familiar face, and have a worthwhile conversation.

So when you leave, you can feel energised.  Not just from the caffeine. But from that feeling you get when you feel held by a community and some of that weight on your shoulders from the daily grind fades away.


Welcome, dear coffee-enthusiast

As you will see from this menu, we’re about brews and homemade eats that are good for you—and the planet, too.

We source from sustainable coffee farms and small-batch producers. And only use the best, seasonal ingredients. But we’re more than that. When you visit Swish, you’re part of something—a community.

Because, in the day-to-day grind in the city,  we all need a place where we can drop the shoulders and have a refreshing conversation with a familiar face. So what we’re saying is, welcome to the club.

We’re a motley bunch. So, don’t be shy. Say g’day—even if we are swimming in docket orders. Just don’t comment on the weather.


"Seeing as we’re a cafe, you may have some questions about our coffee. Hopefully, the following answers most of them.

What coffee do you use?

We partner with Veneziano Coffee Roasters. They prioritise lasting relationships with small coffee growers and speciality coffee shops. That’s why we like them.

As far as coffee goes, we use a blend of Brazilian and Columbian beans for milk coffees. The blend is chocolatey and rich. So it punches through milk nicely.

For black coffee, we use..." (This is a scrolling page of 15 answered questions)

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