Purf Surfboards is a local soft top surfboard company based in Perth, Western Australia. The owner already runs a surf school. And seeing as he already purchases a lot of boards for the school, he decided to create his own soft top sub-brand. 

The challenge was, the soft top market was flooded with competition. The owner didn’t have the resources to compete with national and international brands. I was brought on early in the process. I helped with creative positioning, market research, a brand voice and an overall content strategy that spanned socials, email, and blogs. Also, I helped with the photoshoot, too.
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Brand Story

"Working in surf schools along the metro coastline, we snapped, bent and dented thousands of soft top surfboards. Turns out, most softies out there are far too soft. For our beachies, anyway.

So we started an in-depth search. Eventually, after 2 years, we found the ultimate range. These boards were harder and more durable. This allowed them to not only last longer than a summer at Scarborough. But they performed better and paddled faster, allowing both veterans and learners alike to catch more waves, do more turns and improve quicker.

We have since watched surfers turn flat banks and flat spells into fun sessions. We now have a blast surfing in Perth—with Purf. And now you can too."

Product Descriptions

Much like your thumb, the Thumb is highly versatile. We’ve seen surfers who ride the Thumb make Perth summer waves look like Endless Summer waves. With a fishy outline and an old school twin set-up, the board allows you to manoeuvre and get barreled on the smallest of beachies.

Email Sequences

If you got our last email, then you will know we’ve helped start a soft-top surfboard brand exclusively for the Perth community.

It’s called Purf—get it?

After all, we know the challenges of learning to surf here. So we created boards specifically designed to help you shred in our trying conditions.

Now we’d like to share with you why these boards can help you turn Perth’s summer waves into Endless Summer waves. Wait for it…"

Sales Page

Turn Perth’s summer waves into Endless Summer waves

Surfing in Perth is challenging. There are winds and crowds to contend with. Plus, the waves are often weak or a mere close-out.

If you’re a seasoned local, you’ve probably already found yourself um-ing and ah-ing for 30 minutes at the look-out, contemplating whether to get wet, only to go home and watch Netflix. Or paddling out and catching diddly squat.

And if you’re an aspiring seasoned surfer, you probably wanted to start surfing years ago. But there were obstacles, like not having perfect learner waves in a beautiful tropical paradise. Nevertheless, you now you wished you did start surfing. Even if it meant practising on an onshore day at Cott.

As locals, we’ve been there, too.

But we also know that just because Perth’s waves and banks are flat doesn’t mean you have to feel flat, too.  

Sure, you may not get the barrel of your life, or get a 1-minute ride on the first wave you stand up on. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t run a darn clinic in the water—whatever your ability.

How to stop um-ing and ah-ing, and start running a darn clinic in the water.

It’s actually not that hard navigate unfavourable conditions. You just need the right boards. That’s where soft tops come in.

(This was an 800 word sales page that went quite well.)

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