Porch and Parlour, Bondi’s favourite cafe.    

Porch and Parlour is a cafe based in Sydney. They are well established, having started in 2009. But like many cafes during COVID, they had to quickly pivot online. To be strategic and create a unique offering and experience, they needed to get clear on their story and message.

I was brought on board for my Brand Story Guide Intensive. We sent a bunch of surveys to customers (to get their input), created an origin story, re-established value pillars, personality pillars, and more. They used this as a guide to get designers and other freelancers on the same page, re-write the website (for more online sales), integrate new copy into menus, as well as a new Staff Handbook.

“We have been operating for 10 years. And while we were clear on our messaging and story at the beginning, over time you need to refine, evolve and improve it. So we got Jayden on board. The process was therapeutic, which was needed because we were transitioning the business during COVID. He took us right back to why we started the business in the first place and turned that story into something that we were really proud to share online and even with our employees. It's really important to have that messaging down for people who are going to work for your business. Freelancers, a PR team and of course your employees. As business owners, we wanted to take a step back, so having a guide that would allow everyone to be on the same page and tell our story on our behalf was important. Jayden’s strategy work flows into all your communications. Our customers really responded to the work and existing staff loved reading our story and our values. They felt more connected with what we were trying to do. It helped everyone on our team. Plus it helped provide a foundation for us to kickstart new projects and the retail side of our business as well.”

Sarah Hendriks  
Owner of Porch and Parlour, Bondi

  • Brand Message Guide 
  • Brand Voice Guide 
  • Website copy
  • Bondi locals (not tourists)
  • Friendly, conversational
  • Food and drink 
  • Hospitality 

Origin story

Back when rent in Bondi was cheap(er) and Bondi Rescue was still a script, Porch and Parlour was not a venue, but a home.

Out the front, overlooking the ocean, there was a rustic porch with a green leather nutuzzi couch, an old guitar and a half-drunk pinot.

Inside (called the ‘the parlour’) there were more instruments, more wine bottles. But also an artist’s studio and a cramped kitchen with paintings, photos and artisan homewares by creative up-starts who lived down the street.

Here, on this porch, in this parlour, locals gathered over a shared love for food, coastal views, art, music and wine. Oh, so much wine.

And that’s how Porch and Parlour became known as the community hub. A go-to among the makers, musicians, and curious.

But then the lease ended, along with the barefooted, sand-beset hospitality which brought so many people together.

So, as regulars and official G&T makers of Porch and Parlour, Sam Smith and Sarah Hendriks-Smith decided to turn the homely venue into a real venue (still homely, though).

They teamed up with friends and many years (and some follys) later, the little venue has become quite well-known, both nationally and internationally.

But above all, Porch is still chiefly adored locally.

And that’s the way the family at Porch want to keep it.

After all, they’re still that hub teaming with delicious food, wine, art, music, and home-made decor.

They’re still that refuge, that beachside home-away-from-home.

Values examples 

Care for nature
We make art to bring happiness and joy to people’s days. By art, we don’t just mean wall paintings. Connecting with people is an art form, both in the cafe and online. Food and wine and flowers are one, too. The same goes for the music we play and the ceramics we create to serve in. Every day, we all have a chance to brighten folk’s lives through our art.

Brand Voice (Tone examples)

Write like a human, maybe even a Bondi human (the language of our readers). Don’t get too Bondi-Hipster on us. Be plainspoken, for the sake of clarity. But feel free to pepper copy with colloquial sayings and words when appropriate.  Use contractions (we’re, instead of we are). And break a few grammar rules if it allows you to write more like you talk. Like this.

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