Just a Good Ad. Food and Drink Storytelling of the week. #18

(7 August, 2021)

I don't have much for you this week but I do have something. Here is a very clever ad from one of the best copywriters of all time: David Abott.

If you can’t read the body text, it says:

'The best mince is fresh mince

So all our ground beef and mince beef has a sell-by date of just one day.

What we don't sell in a day comes out of the cabinet as a fresh supply comes in.

Does this mean we waste a lot of mince?

On the contrary.

It seems when people know you sell good lean mince at good keen prices, they can't wait to buy it.

Not even for a day."

I don't know if that needs explaining or not. But here's what the copy does:

  • States the unique selling prop: Fresh mince.

  • Makes a bold promise

  • Anticipates and answers the question we have about waste. Then turns it into a positive

  • Creates scarcity by saying it sells out everyday

  • States other unique selling props: Good price and lean.

Reads simply. But hard to do.



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