Copy and messaging every which way?

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Story-driven copywriting and message strategy for food and drink brands. (And sometimes other businesses too.)  

I help you clarify your messaging, tell a bolder story, get known for a distinct voice, and write copy that connects with your customers—online and everywhere. Sound good to you? Read on.     

Hello. I’m Jayden O’Neil. I’ve worked in the world of writing, marketing, food and drink for over a decade. Naturally that has led to certain discoveries. Like beer made with the yeast of a hipster’s beard. But also this...  

Better copy, better messaging, better results. 

“During Covid, we needed to transition from a hospitality-based business to a more online model. To do that, we needed to tell a better story online. Jayden helped us do that. We have never received such a thorough assessment and accompanying strategic guide....We started using some [marketing] techniques we learned from him too, and our Christmas sales were 10x higher than last year! It was a great experience.”

Jessica and Michael Maish
Owners and winemakers at The Roost Wines, Canada
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