Furious Bee is a raw honey company founded by three boxers. As a start-up, the brand needed a story and voice that resolved the cultural milieus of boxing and apiculture.

Partnering with a designer and photographer, we turned an unlikely mash into the brands selling point.

I created a voice that celebrated the owners’ identity—herculean men who have a penchant for hip-hop, boxing and bees.

Furious Bee is now a well-known local honey brand. The website has sold hordes. And so too have the boutique retailers around the State which stock the delicious product.
  • Napkin strategy
  • Website copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Conscious consumers
  • Wholesalers
  • Cafes and Restaurants (who use honey, of course)
  • Colloquial and confident
  • Food and Drink

Brand story

"We met over a decade ago in a boxing gym.

Now, we’ve joined forces again to fight for the biggest cause of all—mother nature. The plight of the honey bee is real. We’re passionate about helping them out.

That’s why we put our hives in WA’s pristine forests, away from pollutants, and do everything by hand—from harvesting the honey to sticking the labels on the jar. Anything to make our girls less furious.

The result is 100%  raw, small-batch honey with more (fighto)nutrients than Swiss chard."


“.…Despite having a life-threatening allergy to bee stings, Romo decided to keep a backyard apiary. Rumour has it, he once got stung and blew up to a giant blueberry like the homegirl on Willy Wonka.

When Romo’s not working with the two Bs—Boxing and Bees—you’ll find him indulging in a bit of choccy ice-cream. He only fears one person and that’s his mum.”


“The male drones have one purpose—to impregnate the queen. That leads to two fates. If he’s been a lousy lover, he’ll be booted from the colony. If he’s the Lebron James of the bedroom, he’ll have his private parts (called the endophallus) cut post ejaculation, which the Queen keeps as sort of a freaky conquest trophy—a reminder of the domineering matriarch..."
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