Emails your customers look forward to opening. 

Build connection, sales, loyalty...
Without resorting to constant flash sales, coupons, discounts or HTML email templates that look like all your competitors.  

I help you plan and create story-driven emails, newsletters, and automated sequences that facilitate connection with your customers and champion the value of your offering.

This way, you can get more people take action as well as build loyalty. Woo. 

Sales Emails

For brands that have a new offering and want to share the good news with customers in a way that engages, delights and encourages sales.  


For brands that want to take email storytelling up a notch. I help you plan, structure and write newsletters that delight your customers and inspire action.    


    For brands that want automated email sequences that nurse customers from awareness to sales to loyalty—without needing to lift a finger.  


      To get the best results, I can only work with businesses that:
      • Have an email list with active subscribers 
      • Are trying to grow an email list. 
      • Offer a product that goes above and beyond. 
      • Can action the campaigns I write for you. (I’m not going to go into your software and push all the right buttons for you.)


      1. How much is this going to cost?
      Depends, of course. But if you have a clear brief, a sales email is around $150. An extended newsletter around $300. An automated sequence around $500 (includes 4 emails). The price comes down if you want more than one. 

      2. What’s a clear brief?
      A clear brief outlines your audience, key messaging, your voice (the way you normally sound), your products’ value propositions. If you’re not clear on this, it often leads to a lot of going back and forth. If you need help clarifying these things, consider my Brand Message and Voice Guide Intensive.  

      3. What’s the process?
      First, you get in touch HERE ︎︎︎ I send you a questionnaire ︎︎︎ We have a 20-minute Zoom chat ︎︎︎ I send you proposal ︎︎︎ You sign ︎︎︎ I write first draft ︎︎︎ Go through edits ︎︎︎ I make edits and send through final copy. So about a 1-week turn-around, depending on how fast get back to me. 2 weeks max. 
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