Dirty Clean Food is an ethical online food market. You can get produce from local farmers who grow food sustainably, delivered to your door.     

Dirty Clean Food (DCF) is part of Wide Open Agriculture, a company that is rienventing the way we grow, think about, and buy food to create a better future for people and the planet. 

DCF has a marketing team, but when they need some extra special copy, I come on board. 
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Packaging copy 

“Look at you go. You just helped regenerate part of the planet.” 


Brochure copy 

Okay, let’s now talk about that food in your boxThe farmers who grew it are regenerative. That means they are dedicated to bringing our local ecosystem back to life.

There are many benefits to this. To name a few, the food is more nutritious and tasty (just ask the chefs at the fine dining restaurants around town). The plants and animals are abundant.  Plus, the healthy soil sucks carbon out of the atmosphere, instead of putting more in.

Yes, that’s right. Eating delicious food is a way we can nurse the planet back to health.

We think that’s pretty cool. You obviously do, too. That’s why we exist to connect people like you with farmers like the ones we just described.

This way, we cut out the need for big supermarkets. Don’t get us wrong. We have a lot of respect for everyone in the food world. All we’re saying is, by connecting you two directly, we can reward farmers who do this important work, as well as get this nutritious, tasty produce delivered to your door at a better price.

It’s better for the planet, better for the farmer, and of course better for you.

Fun facts (a campaign in collaboration with another food brand)

Soil is an ecosystem’s forehead
Just as your mum used to feel your forehead to test your temperature when you didn’t want to go to school, a farmer looks at the soil to test whether an ecosystem is healthy. Nutrient-rich soil means everything in the environment is happy and working together really well. That’s why, when talking about healthy ecosystems, we mention soil a lot.

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