Creating Communities Australia (CCA) is a Strategy and Insight consultancy that helps organisations create and navigate change through the power of community.   

CCA works across a number of industries and helps clients solve a wide range of problems (from creating new economic growth plans for rural cities to helping turn campuses into world-renowned medical hubs). So, in an increasingly competitive industry, the 27-year-old company needed help clarifying the brand’s identity and value in the market.  I came on board to help with that.

"We had a big job—to rebrand an established company with a broad and unique offering. We needed someone who could bring structure to the process and a fresh approach. Jayden bought much more than this. His creative process saw him uncovering new insights into our distinctiveness that became central to our rebrand. He then led a team of collaborators to powerfully bring full expression to this through web, marketing and other communications. Clarifying and strengthening our brand has not only supported us in having a greater presence in the market but also supported our team's embodiment of our company's purpose."

Donna Shepherd
Chair of World Vision International
Managing Director at Creating Communities.
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  • Minerals and energy
  • Education
  • Land
  • Non-profit
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Tag line

Moving forward, together


Creating Communities is a multi award-winning strategy consultancy. We help organisations create and navigate change through the power of community. In turn, we pave the foundations to not only build wellbeing and resilience in our clients but also communities and society at large.

We have been doing so for over 25 years, enabling hundreds of organisations across private, public and social sectors to adapt and grow in a changing world. 

We have an in-depth approach to understanding core problems that impact organisations thriving and communities living rich and full lives, connected with each other.

That’s why we always do the grassroots work, get into the nitty gritty and go where others won’t. We aim to understand the hidden opportunities in even the most challenging cases. And we use these insights to help clients make informed decisions that transform uncertainty into progress.

In recent times, we’ve reinvigorated rural economies, explored opportunities for indigenous communities in the 4th industrial revolution, strengthened early childhood networks, and enabled constructive conversations on local planning and placemaking.

And while we focus on building social infrastructure, we have a history of bringing the social, economic, environmental and built-space together. Because the most effective strategy can join the dots. So organisations, communities and society can adapt and grow—today and tomorrow, together.

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