Clean Slate hand-makes skincare in Fremantle, Western Australia. Skincare is often complicated and embellished with over-sales-ey promises.  

The Brand needed a voice and narrative that was authentic and distinct in the market. This way, the website could communicate the value of the product in a way the Clean Slate customer would adore—and not roll their eyes at.
  • Napkin strategy
  • Website copy
  • Packaging
  • Conscious locals who want to care for their skin but without the corny sales message.
  • Colloquial
  • Friendly
  • Skincare

Brand story

"...Combining knowledge on aromatherapy, cosmetic chemistry, and perfumery, we spend days and nights experimenting in our Freo studio— wearing our Metallica shirt lab coats. We spend months, even years,  refining creations that we love to use on our well-worked skin before it's packaged and used on yours.

The product is honest skincare that embraces everyday beautiful skin—the dirt and blemishes, the wounds and wrinkles—by doing exactly what it's supposed to do.


“A nutshell and salt-based scrub with skin-soothing oils to give your skin that extra zinnngggg.”

“A spray that’s packed with straight up, top notch, lavender essential oil. It has many uses: air freshener, linen spray, stinky couch fixer...You finish the list.”

Soap-making Workshop Page

“Most people don’t know good soap from a bar of soap. It can be a lot more than a hotel courtesy. In fact, natural soap can not only clean your skin but soothe it like a fine moisturiser, too.

In the soap-making workshop, we’ll show you the difference between okay and good soap (we’ve judged soap competitions before). Plus, I’ll take you through the traditional art of making soap by hand, using the cold process method, a technique that allows all the good stuff you put in to stay in....You walk away with:

  • 1 kg of expressive, smell good, feel good, moisturising, hand-cut bars.

  • A badge that allows you to critique every sub-par soap."
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