Communicate your value—as a brand, as a team—with more consistency, clarity, personality and OOMPH

Get clear, get deliberate, get known
Today, businesses like you have a lot to consider when creating a cohesive brand. It’s hard to know what to write for this and that. What to change up, what to keep the same. Often, we end up going around in circles. Or, the messaging winds up being inconsistent, fluffy, or in the wrong tone.

To stand out to and build trust with our audience, we need to get clear and deliberate. Not just for our customers. But for our team too. Once we’ve built the foundations, we can streamline what we say, how we say it, where we say it, and who we say it to. In turn, we can:
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Create clear briefs for freelancers
  • Champion a bolder story
  • Create more targeted messaging
  • Have an informed content strategy
  • And communicate with more consistency and personality
This way, we can create a better way when building our brand’s value in the eyes of those you aim to serve. 

Better story, better messaging, better results: 

“During Covid, we needed to transition from a hospitality-based business to a more online model. To do that, we needed to tell a better story online. Jayden helped us do that. We have never received such a thorough assessment and accompanying strategic guide....We started using some [marketing] techniques we’ve learned from him too. Our Christmas sales were 10x higher than last year! It was a great experience.”

Jessica and Michael Maish
Owners and winemakers at The Roost Wines, Canada

To achieve that ︎︎︎ I created a brand message and voice guide framework where we:

  • Research important feedback and insights from your key customers
  • Create a customer character map for your marketing (outlines key pain points and desires, as well as customer personas)
  • Your origin story which details your why, and how you came to be.
  • Value pillars that align our branding and marketing with our audience
  • Personality pillars so we know what to say and how to say it.  
  • Superpowers or Unique Selling Propositions, so we can create copy and marketing that champions our value in the market.
  • Brand Voice Guide. An editorial style guide that streamlines the editing process and helps the team write on-brand always.

So far.... 

So far, I’ve used the Brand Story Guide to help clarify the identity of Australia’s leading regenerative food and farming company, re-brand a 25-year old Insight Consultancy, create a new voice for a leading luxury swimwear brand, as well as helped a wine company pivot during COVID and 10x increase Christmas sales.

The journey

More than just a guide
The Brand Story Guide is more than a definitive storytelling playbook. It’s also a meaningful 8 (or so) week journey. I use amazing project management software and have carefully mapped out a step-by-step process to make everything thorough yet efficient and create the necessary scaffolding to clarify your thinking and help you become a better brand storyteller.
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