Avo West grows premium Western Australia avocados that help you (and the planet) live happily avo after.    

Planting the first tree in the 80s, the family-owned businesses was one of WA’s first avo producers. Obviously, the industry has changed a lot since then. Now, avos are big business. 

Most producers go through large wholesalers and retailers. That’s fine, of course. The only problem is, larger retailers aren’t always going to stay loyal to a small producer in a competitive market.  So with more competition and more importers undercutting the market, small producers, like Avo West, are under increasing pressure. 

To resolve this problem, Avo West wanted to invest in new ways of getting their superior avos into the hands of those who value quality, local produce and are willing to pay for them. To achieve that, they wanted to clarify their messaging and voice, so they could tell a story that would connect and build trust with their audience. This way, they could go direct to market and, as a business, become more resilient.    

I created a Brand Story Guide that would clarify who they are and who they’re here for, as well as guide a new conversaional brand voice that people would resonate with.  And I’m proud to say, part of this process of creating a fun voice included coming up with a whole lot of avo dad-jokes. 
  • Brand Message Guide 
  • Brand Voice Guide 
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  • Ethical, local avo enthusiasts
  • Friendly, conversational
  • Food and drink 
  • Agriculture 

Value proposition

At Avowest, we sustainably grow off-the-chart quality avos, so you (and the planet) can feel good. Since planting our first avo tree almost 40 years ago, we have remained an independent, family-owned grower focused on quality. Not quantity. This way, you don’t have to resort to shoddy avos, imported or unethically-produced. Instead, you can have delicious avs grown on home turf. And you can enjoy this healthy deliciousness, while caring for the planet too.

Values examples 

Care for nature
We have a firm belief that producing off-the-chart quality is more than just growing delicious plant-based alternatives that sustain us. They should sustain the planet too. That’s why we installed an irrigation system that saves water and installed solar panels. Plus, we use regenerative principles to regenerate soil health and suck excess carbon out of the atmosphere, instead of putting more in.

Brand Voice (Tone examples)  

We’re experts. So while we want people to like our avos, we don’t rely on them to discern what is good and what is not. That’s our job. So, as experts, we educate and inform by writing matter-of-factly. So understand the topic. Be clear over clever. Take out the fluff. And don’t shy away from making promises and declarative statements.

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