Hi. I’m Jayden O’Neil, a freelance copywriter and strategist for farm, food and drink companies and sometimes other brands. You see, I’ve worked in the world of writing, marketing, food and drink for over a decade—as a copywriter, a journalist, a hospitality worker, and as an employee at a cheese factory for two weeks. That’s to name a few. 
I even wrote a fun-sized book about cafe culture. Naturally all this has led to certain discoveries. Like brandy made from the spit buckets at a wine festival. But also this: When there are a lot of choices, the brands that are cohesive, relatable, and can tell a good story come out on top. So now I’m dedicating my working life to helping people do just that. 

Also, here’s what a smart person once said about me:

“As a company, we wanted to take things to the next level. And we needed to clarify our story for our team and our external audience. Jayden resolved, refined and clarified our brand story - from top to tail. Jayden has incredible listening skills that can hear then resolve complex issues into clear and beautiful copy. Jayden has writing skills that rival the very best—at times spine-tingling in their capacity to capture the essence of our for-profit, for-purpose business. He is a pleasure to work with through a deep dedication to his art mixed with a chilled nature.”

Ben Cole
Managing Director of Wide Open Agriculture

My strategy work involves creating values. So I thought I’d share a shortened version of mine.  

1. Storytelling
Stories are powerful catalysts for change. In a noisy world, our best hope of getting heard is to tell a better story. 

2. Good Food + Drink
Food and Drink is an agent for community, culture, daily delight and, above all, a better future for people and the planet.  
3. Have Empathy 
The best products are created with empathy—for people and planet. The same goes for good strategy and copywriting. 

4. Strategy and Creativity
If we want to connect and build trust with the right people at the right moment, we can’t have one without the other.  

Work with me...

Strategy and copywriting that helps you build your farm, hospitality, or food and drink brand (or maybe other brand). 

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