Food and drink copy all over the place?

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Hello. I help farm, food and drink businesses build their brand—with words. (And sometimes other businesses too.)  

Brew Copy is a one-man virtual storytelling studio. I help farm, food and drink businesses clarify their message, tell a bolder story, develop a distinct voice, and write copy that delights their customers so they can connect with the right people. Sounds like something you want? Read on.        

I’m Jayden O’Neil, a roadhouse cafe enthusiast who’s worked in the world of writing, marketing, food and drink for over a decade. Naturally that has led to certain discoveries. Like beer made with the yeast of a hipster’s beard. But also this.

Better copy, better messaging, better results: 

“During Covid, we needed to transition from a hospitality-based business to a more online model. To do that, we needed to tell a better story online. Jayden helped us do that. We have never received such a thorough assessment and accompanying strategic guide....We started using some [marketing] techniques we’ve learned from him too. Our Christmas sales were 10x higher than last year! It was a great experience.”

Jessica and Michael Maish
Owners and winemakers at The Roost Wines, Canada
Brew Copy, a storytelling studio that helps you build your brand—with words. Contact me at Stay in touch on Instagram. Or on Linkedin.