Copy and messaging every which way?

Realign the letters above and read on. 

Build your brand—with words. 

Brew Copy is a one-man creative copywriting studio. (Hello.) I help teams and companies create clear messaging, good brand stories, and copy that connects to those they aim to serve.     

Jayden O’Neil here. I began in the world of writing and marketing when TikTok was still just the sound a clock made. Over these years of rapid change, I’ve discovered a few things. Like an online liquor store that sells beer brewed with yeast from a hipster’s beard.

But also this. In a flooded world with discerning customers, the brands that can use words and stories to inspire connection, action, and trust come out on top. So now I’m dedicating my (working) life to helping good brands do just that.

Here’s what a smart person once said about me. 

“We needed to transition from a hospitality-based business to a more online model. To do that, we needed to tell a better story online. Jayden helped us do that. We have never received such a thorough assessment and accompanying strategic guide....We started using some [marketing] techniques we learned from him too, and our Christmas sales were 10x higher than last year! It was a great experience.”

Jessica and Michael Maish
Owners and winemakers at The Roost Wines, Canada
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